Ready, Set... Create!

Photo of Can Can Wonderland 

Photo of Can Can Wonderland 

Welcome to The Creative Race!

Ever wondered what students get to experience when they work with a COMPAS Teaching Artist? Well now you have the chance to see for yourself! Join us on April 21st from 3 - 6 PM, for our 4th Annual Arts & Crafts event. We've partnered with Can Can Wonderland and Blackstack Brewing for a brand-new location, and we're unveiling a brand new creative competition that will be amazing fun for all ages!

Welcome to The Creative Race! Teams will compete at five Creation Stations featuring five unique art forms: Visual Art, Dance, Poetry, Spoken Word, and Theater. You'll have to be creative and efficient, because the fastest team to complete each station wins! Unlike a marathon, this race doesn't require any intensive preparation or training, and it's something the whole family will enjoy. Here's the rundown...

  • Gather your team: 

    • Gather the neighborhood! Blow up your group chat! Teams of 4 or more can participate in the race. The more minds, the better, plus teams of 4 or more also get a discounted ticket of $35! Get creative before you are even there by picking out a unique team name and theme. Each team member will be issued a jersey or bandanna, which you can decorate in your own festive way. Make it special! The best decorated team wins a prize, so go all out.
  • Check-in for the race: 

    • Once each team member is checked in, check in with the race coordinator at the main check-in desk and collect your Creative Race passports. All team members must be checked-in to begin the race. Teams can check in anytime after 3 pm. To allow all teams to complete the race, all teams must check in before 4:45 PM. 
  • Ready... Set... Create! 

    • Head out to the Creation Station you are assigned by the race coordinator -- and beware, it might not be #1!  Make sure that you go through each station in order. For example: If you start at station #3 you will visit #4, #5, #1, and finish at #2. 
    • The clock is ticking! Hand over your passport when you arrive at a station and you will get your official stamp. The Creation Station conductor will also record the time it took for you and your team to complete the challenge. 
    • When in doubt, check the map on your passport. The Creative Race is filled with surprises (and hidden bonus points if you're lucky). If you are having trouble finding your next station, check the map, or a helpful COMPAS team member will be happy to assist (they will be wearing COMPAS shirts or aprons).
    • After completing each station turn your passports back in to the race coordinator. Have fun checking out Can Can and Blackstack Brewing, but make sure to head up the Blackstack Brewing for the official award ceremony at 5:30 PM. We will award trophies for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers -- plus a couple of extra trophies just for fun!

Funds raised from Arts & Crafts support COMPAS and our mission of helping people create better lives and better communities through creativity. You won't want to miss this chance show-off your inner artist. Tickets will go fast so find your team and snag yours before they're gone!