Teaching Artist Business Meeting

From West African drumming to marketing styles, COMPAS Teaching Artists and staff gathered together for the annual business meeting last Friday on September 13th to share info and prepare for another year of bringing arts education to Minnesotans!

We kicked the day off with a performance by Teaching Artist Christian Adeti who got us moving with some West African music and dance!

At COMPAS we believe in communication as part of that being transparent is essential. Our Executive Director, Dawne Brown White, presented the current state of COMPAS and where we’re headed in the arts education movement. We also had Michael Salazar, our former Arts & Marketing Assistant and Arts Program Manager Emma Seeley give updates on our social media engagement and marketing tools that help share what our Teaching Artists are up to!

Amongst our wonderful team of Teaching Artists, we champion all of our members, but we congratulate one individual with the Teaching Artist of the Year Award. This year’s award was presented by our Board President, Susan Rotilie and was given to Karla Nweje, who is one of COMPAS’ power house Teaching Artist in movement and dance that entertains, informs and provokes thought. Wahoo!

To continue learning and developing more, some of our Teaching Artists Desdamona, Beverly Cottman, Jon Lurie, and Alanna Morris-Van Tassel led interactive sessions to collaboratively share, strengthen and refine each other’s work. Take a peek at what happened!

A great way to connect well with students and participants is through art but a more impactful way to do that is by being cross-culturally aware and have a deep understanding of the various patterns of communication and expression. We were glad to have Arnoldo Curiel of TAG Curiel Counseling teach us about all the different communication styles and approaches people use!

COMPAS is grateful to be working alongside vital individuals that truly unleash the creativity within all of us and help create better lives and better communities. Thank you for letting COMPAS be a part of your story and thank you for being a part of COMPAS’ story. Cheers to much more!

If you are interested in being a Teaching Artist, our roster is currently OPEN! We are taking applications primarily through Submittable but are also happy to take paper applications as well. The due date is November 15th, please contact us if you have any questions!