Are you ready to unleash creativity with an organization, group, or community you love?


COMPAS Teaching Artists can provide interactive and inspiring performances and workshops -- any place you need!

COMPAS has worked in libraries, community centers, shelters, summer camps, parks, festivals -- and more. We can't wait to bring new creativity to your site, wherever that might be. 

Ready to explore what a COMPAS Teaching Artist could bring to your space? Get in touch here or give us a call at (651)292-3265.

Here are just a few examples so far of places where COMPAS teaching artists have inspired creativity -- what could we do for your group?

Libraries:  COMPAS artists perform for children's story time, create with older adults during weekly art-making sessions, lead hands-on workshops for kids during out-of-school days, and put on some killer celebrations of literature, arts and culture in libraries across the state.

Festivals and Parks: COMPAS' diverse group of artists present workshops, lead art activity booths, and perform main stage shows for festivals and parks.

Summer School or After School Programs: Any of our Creative Classroom programs can be modified for out-of-school time programs. Kids make new connections, grow a mastery of skills, and have way more fun than they ever expected.

Community and Recreation Centers: From Boys and Girls Club to YMCAs to Park and Recreation programs, COMPAS artists reach students of all ages with the opportunity to create.