Access Arts

Empowering people of all abilities through the arts.

Making art and connecting with each other through the arts stimulates the brain, reminds us who we are, and helps us know how to say all we want to say. COMPAS teaching artists create new access to a variety of creative experiences through performances, workshops, and long-term residencies.

Everyone can be creative – yes, everyone! Let’s talk about what COMPAS can bring to your site.

In 2018, COMPAS partnered with Ally People Solutions (now Community Involvement Programs) and Partnership Resources Inc. to bring some truly artistic experiences to people with disabilities. Participants worked with Teaching Artists Anne Krocak, Katrina Knutson, Malia Burkhart, Mica Lee Anders, mick laBriola and Zoë Bird. It ended in a beautiful celebration at Mia (Minneapolis Institute of Art). Take a look at the final celebration in the video below.

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