Creativity gives us purpose. Purpose is what keeps us alive.

Aging can be amazing and the arts can be a huge part of it. People who practice the arts as they age visit the doctor less, take less medication, have higher morale, and reduced rates of depression. Research is also finding that music and art stimulate the brain in areas that Alzheimer’s cannot touch, bypassing the debilitating disease and often providing relief.

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It was certainly the participants themselves who seemed most impressed and surprised by what they were able to accomplish.
— Gwenda, COMPAS Artful Aging Program Volunteer

Creativity is not something people lose as they age

Everyone from the active and independent adult to those living in memory care facilities find success in our programs. Our programs take place in older adult residential centers, day centers, libraries and other community locations. We bring the program to you so transportation isn’t an issue and participants have easy access to medical equipment they may need.

A variety of program styles and a selection of art forms means each experience can be customized to the interests of your participants. We also offer outstanding inter-generational programs.

What results can you expect? Joy, community building and creative art, just to name a few.

Training for your Staff

A key component if you're new to the idea of creative aging is the advance training COMPAS provides for your site staff and volunteers. You’ll learn from and be inspired by one of COMPAS' creative aging experts and your COMPAS artist. Sites are invited to include as many staff and volunteers as they choose in the training. We want your residents and staff/volunteers to get the optimal results from the artistic experience.

There’s a tremendous amount of pride. There’s so much joy shared.
— Anne Krocak, COMPAS artist talking about leading older adults through creating their own, stunning tiles

Start Exploring Creative Opportunities

"Make Yourself Heard" was made in collaboration with over 100 residents of Ebenezer Senior Living and COMPAS teaching artists: Mike Hazard, Zoë Bird, Rachel Moritz and Christopher Lutter-Gardella.
Video created by Mike Hazard.

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The COMPAS artists who work with older adults have specialized training and are passionately enthusiastic about teaching seniors. You'll find fun and engaging programs in songwriting, water color, mosaics, weaving, improvisation, memoir writing, poetry, creative movement, and so much more.

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COMPAS Artful Aging™ Programs in the News

Here are a few examples of what you can expect from a COMPAS Artful Aging™ program:

  • Oak Meadows shares their story of creating mosaics while building confidence and memories. They also won Grand Prize in the national Senior Living Art Showcase competition for the mosaic they created with COMPAS artist Anne Krocak.

  • The Farmstead, a Presbyterian Homes location, talks about joyful songwriting with Charlie Maguire.

  • Sholom Home East and West share their "fantastic experience" with watercolor and memoir.

Today we have scientific evidence that confirms the importance of creative stimulation to maintaining brain health and that a healthy brain in turn maximizes our capacity to deal successfully with our environment and the health challenges there for us.
— Gene D. Cohen, M.D., PhD, author of a George Washington University creativity and aging study