Are you ready to unleash creativity in your community?

COMPAS Teaching Artists bring creativity to any place you have in mind. COMPAS works in libraries, after school programs, youth organizations, community centers, shelters, summer camps, parks, festivals -- and we can't wait to bring new creativity to your site, wherever that might be. 

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Check out our Creative Community Programs below, or drop us a line to see how bringing in a COMPAS Teaching Artist could work for you.

  • Looking for creative programming for a library, community center, park, or other community space? AnyPlace Arts can help you introduce creative expression right where you need it.

  • Looking to bring the healing power of creativity into your hospital or care center? Check out Arts in Healthcare.

  • Want to bring older adults new ways to connect and share their stories? Artful Aging™ can help you create meaningful creative experiences for older adults.

  • Looking to inspire youth and young adults to reach new heights through creative expression? ArtsWork will give your youth the tools they need to thrive.