Stefon "Bionik" Taylor | Music


Stefon "Bionik" Taylor | Music


As a teaching artist and performer, Stefon “Bionik” Taylor has discovered a profound commitment to guiding and inspiring people to express their creative voices through music. He helps students tell their stories through the creation of original music, lyrics, and recordings using modern tools and technology.

Bionik is a music producer, performer and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in creating and recording original songs using modern tools and technology. His passion for music started at a young age. It has lead him to perform his original music, work at world renowned recording studios, produce music for numerous artists and finally pass on inspiration and guidance to others through teaching. Bionik has composed, arranged and collaborated on hip-hop, pop, R n’ B, blues, dancehall, soul and funk records with classic and contemporary artists ranging from Phil Collins to Lizzo. He’s been in the studio with legendary producers like George Martin (The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix) and Peter Mokran (Mary J. Blige, The Flaming Lips).

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His original compositions and productions have been used in the Fast and Furious series, Grownish television show, Power Rangers Movie, NBA 2K video game series, and many more. Live performance of his original music has taken him to venues like Minneapolis’ First Avenue, Los Angeles’ Low End Theory, Chicago’s Park West and music festivals across the country. He is also a recipient of “The Happiness Club Legacy Award” for his work with Chicago youth.

Stefon Taylor aka Bionik consistently impresses our institution with his level of organization, preparedness, and professionalism. These variables are shadowed though, by his beautiful sense of style and true artistry. This unmistakable magic flows throughout every lesson plan and leaves every one of his students inspired beyond words.
— James Patrick, CCO at Slam Academy

In the classroom, Bionik guides students through the song making process with lyric writing exercises, creating music using computer software, and recording lyrics with live instruments. The final product is an original song created by the students working as a group. Bionik has worked with people of all ages and abilities at Urban Arts Academy (through grants from Best Buy Corporation), Chicago’s The Happiness Club, and Slam Academy, where he is currently an instructor.

Sample Programs: Customizable To Site’s Needs


Stories and Songs: Create & Record Original Songs To Tell Your Stories

In this one or two week residency, Bionik guides students through the process of creating and recording a group of original songs that represent their feelings and ideas, or a relevant subject in your curriculum. Working in groups, participants create concepts for songs, write and edit lyrics using songwriting techniques, and finally, arrange the lyrics to tell their stories. Once students have a group of stories ready, they create original music using modern software and equipment.

Bionik will help students create a beat using group participation and live instrumentation, such as hand claps, body sounds and live percussion instruments. Then they will add melodic and rhythmic elements to their beats and explore how it affects the emotional content in stories. Finally, students learn to record their stories over the original compositions, arrange their songs, and reflect as a group on the work they have completed together. In this residency, students build self-confidence while learning to work together in groups to accomplish creative goals, write and edit lyrics, use modern recording and production software, and play live instruments. Bionik brings all the necessary equipment. 



Create & Record An Original Song

In these interactive sessions, Bionik guides participants through the creation of an original song. Students write lyrics using songwriting techniques, create original music utilizing modern tools and technology, and record voices, body sounds and instruments to complete a song in any genre. Students learn to work together to accomplish creative goals, and build self-confidence by experimenting and performing in a group setting. Bionik brings all the necessary equipment.



Back To The Beat

Bionik performs his original multi-genre music live using modern tools, software and technology accompanied by live instruments. Reggae, soul/funk, hip-hop and electronic are just a few genres this “one-person band” has to offer your school, institution or event. Bionik’s unique performance style is engaging and captivating for audiences and students as he effortlessly blends the use of technology with live instrumentation.