See More Perspective | Spoken Word


See More Perspective | Spoken Word

"See More was very easy to work with and students were highly engaged during his time here. He made poetry enjoyable for our students and got some of them out of their comfort zone!" -- Ms. Ludwig, LeSueur-Henderson Middle School

SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE has been described as a “Chicago Institution,” “walking creativity,” and “The hardest working, most unjustly slept-on artist in the Twin Cities” ... This award-winning hip-hopper is a Twin Cities Native, Chicago transplant, MC, poet, producer, engineer and educator. 

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SEE (aka Adam) received a 2013 VERVE Grant from Intermedia Arts for an imaginative and ambitious spoken word album entitled The Cosmos According to Your Closed Eyes. He was a semi-finalist for the Million Dollar Saint Paul Challenge, and currently teaches Hip-Hop courses at the West Bank School of Music.

SEE has done years of youth work through hip hop and spoken word—dealing with social justice, identity and community engagement issues; has performed at countless venues and festivals; and has spoken at and facilitated workshops at various social justice conferences and retreats. He aims to inspire, uplift and open doors to possibility and imagination with an invitation to self-discovery through meditations on community, history and the expression of pure imagination.

SEE has shared stages with the likes of Brother Ali, Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets, Dead Prez, Sage Francis, Michal Franti, Atmosphere, De La Soul, The White Stripes and many more.

Learn more about SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE in his March, 2016 Artist Spotlight Interview.

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