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COMPAS Teaching Artists deliver captivating performances and workshops customized to your specific needs and preferences, wherever you are in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area and all over the state of Minnesota.

We often work in these types of environments. Don’t see yourself below? Don’t worry. You can reach out to us to discuss your vision for your community and see if a COMPAS teaching artist can help you.

55+ Communities

We bring our programs directly to you, eliminating transportation barriers and offering intergenerational connections. Learn more.

Community Businesses

From cozy cafes to lively breweries, bookshops, and bars, we bring a unique blend of art-making, music, and culture to enhance your patrons’ experience. Our art nights offer a perfect fusion of creativity and community, transforming your establishment into a hub of inspiration and connection.

Community and Recreation Centers

From Boys and Girls Clubs to YMCAs, COMPAS artists inspire creativity in students of all ages, enriching community programs with the pure joy of creation.

Disability Communities

Our dedicated teaching artists create inclusive spaces where everyone can explore their creativity. We provide diverse artistic experiences through captivating performances, interactive workshops, and immersive residencies. Learn more.

Festivals and Parks

Our diverse artists lead workshops, manage art activity booths, and enchant audiences with captivating performances on main stages at festivals and parks. Find the perfect artist, musician, or dance troupe for your upcoming festival in Minneapolis-Saint Paul or greater Minnesota.

Healthcare Environments

Unlock the healing power of creativity with programs tailored for healthcare settings. From hospitals and nursing homes to senior centers and hospices, we bring transformative experiences right to the heart of your community. Through art, music, storytelling, and more, we foster moments of joy, connection, and expression, enhancing the well-being of patients, residents, and staff alike.

Libraries & Museums

From captivating children’s story times to inspiring weekly art sessions for older adults, our artists enhance library and museum experiences with interactive workshops and cultural celebrations. Learn more about these opportunities.

Schools (Including Summer and After-School Programs)

Our Creative Classroom programs seamlessly adapt to in-school and out-of-school settings, fostering connections, mastering skills, and unleashing unexpected fun. Learn more.

Workforce Arts Events at Businesses, Corporations & Nonprofits

Incorporating the arts into your organization’s professional development toolkit significantly enhances the likelihood of reaching your goals.

Using arts-based activities strategically can help establish safety, foster trust, discover shared values, and change how we see things. When we combine creative thinking with logical analysis, we unlock the potential for new and innovative ideas that lead to success.

Let’s connect and explore how a COMPAS Teaching Artist can assist you in integrating the arts into your professional development toolkit.

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COMPAS is an arts education nonprofit that puts creativity in the hands of Minnesotans, regardless of their age, background, or skills. Based in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area, COMPAS teaching artists deliver creative experiences and arts programming across Minnesota.

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