Sample Remote Residency: Mike Arturi

Note: This is an example residency page based on a real residency that COMPAS facilitated in October 2020.

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Drumming and Rhythm with Mike Arturi

Sample School Site (Upper Elementary)
November 23 – December 11, 2020

About Your Teaching Artist

Mike is a white man with salt and pepper hair surrounded by drums.

Mike Arturi is a lifelong professional drummer, educator and entrepreneur. From his unique vantage point on thousands of stages, Mike has witnessed the power of rhythm and its ability to connect with hearts and souls. He shares the power of rhythm through hand drums and Drum Circles to spark learning and create a sense of community with all who participate.

About Your Residency

In this virtual residency, everyone will participate to learn the basics of playing percussion, starting with three kinds of percussion instruments: stuff to bang on, stuff to shake, and stuff to rattle. We will learn how to play the two basic tones of low and high along with a simple alternating right hand left hand pattern. From this starting point a world of rhythm unfolds. Games, hand held percussion instruments and easy to follow Drum Circle facilitation moves are all a part of the experience. You don’t need any drumming or music skills to join in, only a willingness to participate!

Before You Begin
  • Digital Poster
  • Family Guide
  • [COVID-19 Information]
  • Materials:
    • Stuff to bang on: Drums, trashcans, pots and pans, or whatever you can find!
    • Stuff to shake: Maracas, shakers, pasta boxes, or whatever you can find!
    • Stuff to rattle: Tambourines, bells, a glass jar with coins and marbles, or whatever you can find!
Session 1

In the first video, Mike introduces a variety of instruments (and instruments you can make yourself!), and we learn about how to make low and high sounds on the drum.

Session 2

In the second video, we learn about accenting different beats to make a rhythm and prepare for our next section: stuff to shake.

Session 3

In the third video, we explore different shaking instruments and learn about why we use them in music.

Session 4

In the fourth video, we take a look at different instruments to rattle and learn how to play them.

Session 5

In the fifth video, we learn about drum circles, playing together as a group, following a leader, and how to stay in time.

Session 6

In the sixth and final video, we review everything we’ve learned about different instruments and musical techniques. Then we put it all together for a final drum circle.

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