Sample Remote Residency: Anne McFaul Reid

Note: This is a example residency page based on a real residency that COMPAS facilitated in July 2020. For more information on that residency, read our blog!

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Garden Sculptures with Anne McFaul Reid

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September 14 – 18, 2020

About Your Teaching Artist

Anne is a white woman with glasses painting as she smiles at someone.

Anne McFaul Reid is a brilliant sculptor and painter with sold artwork throughout the country. With Anne, students will engage in creative, in-depth projects that integrate the arts with science, math, engineering, and/or other topics that best meet each school’s learning goals. During a residency or workshop, each student will experience art, understand the art form, create art, and connect this art-making experience with other parts of their lives.

About Your Residency

How does an artist move from invention to creation? Over the course of this week, students will create a garden sculpture from copper tubing, cured paint, wire, and beads. This residency gets students working in a very physical way, bending 6’ tubing into a form they designed themselves. Experience the creative process by creating garden sculptures inspired by nature. Work with strips of cured, flexible paint and copper tubing to create creatures with imaginary requirements for life.

Before You Begin
Session 1

In this session, meet Teaching Artist Anne McFaul Reid, explore her garden, and learn about what a Garden Sculpture is and how to make one. (This is a demo video for promotional purposes.)

Session 2

In this session, we will begin working with practice wire to create a small sculpture and learn the basics of bending and shaping wire. (This is a demo video for promotional purposes.)

Session 3

In this session, we will start working on our big sculpture with the copper wire. Anne will show us how to bend the wire and shape our Garden Creature. (This is a demo video for promotional purposes.)

Session 4

In this session, we will begin adding decorations to our sculpture such as paint strips and beads. (This is a demo video for promotional purposes.)

Session 5

In this session, we will make our final changes to our sculpture, talk about how to know when a piece of art is finished, and test our sculpture outside! (This is a demo video for promotional purposes.)

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