COMPAS announces the publication of its 37th Anthology of Student Writing

COMPAS announces the publication of its 37th Anthology of Student Writing

Anthology features works from more than 70 students across Minnesota

SAINT PAUL, December 6, 2016 - Today, COMPAS is proud to announce the Publication of its 37th Anthology of Student Writing, A Bird That Swims & Flies. A Bird That Swims & Flies continues the exciting series’ tradition of showcasing some of the most remarkable poetry, short stories, memoirs, plays, songs and spoken word pieces written by talented students from schools across Minnesota.

A Bird That Swims & Flies features work from each Minnesota school to host a COMPAS teaching artist during the 2015-2016 school year as part of the Creative Classroom program. The anthology pieces were selected for publication from the more than 4,000 pieces created by Minnesota students during the school year. 

The COMPAS Creative Classroom program is one of the largest and longest-running creative education programs in the country. Twenty professional writers were involved in helping to produce the pieces in this anthology. “COMPAS teaching writers share their craft and form in-depth relationships with students and teachers across Minnesota;” said Creative Classroom Director Julie Strand. “This collection is a powerful sample of our state’s young voices as they build their skills, increase their confidence, and come of age in this world.”

COMPAS is a nationally-recognized provider of arts education programs and has been engaging individuals and communities in creating art since 1974. “Our mission is to unleash creativity in all – regardless of age, location, or ability;” said Executive Director Dawne Brown White. “This anthology showcases Minnesota’s emerging young voices. They are bold, thoughtful, talented, fearless, and writing across the whole spectrum of experience.”

There will be a celebration of the publication of A Bird That Swims & Flies at the Landmark Center in Saint Paul on December 10, 2016 at 1:00 PM. Young authors featured in the book will read their pieces and be celebrated at a reception. In addition, the 19th and 22nd annual Lillian Wright Awards for Creative Writing will be awarded to students in various age categories who provided the best work. This event is free and open to the public.

A Bird That Swims & Flies digital edition is available on the COMPAS website.
To purchase a printed edition, call COMPAS at (612) 292-3249 or email Emma.

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COMPAS is a nationally recognized leader in arts education, created to reach people from all walks of life with high-quality creative instruction from professional teaching artists. Our artists work alongside students, educators, senior citizens, hospital patients, teens, and other community members to spark imaginations and infuse lives with creativity. Founded in 1974, COMPAS works with more than 100 teaching artists and reaches more than 50,000 people each year with the power of creativity.