Creative Tour of the North -- with See More Perspective!

“It was quite the experience, honestly. Profound, really.”

Today we’re catching up with Teaching Artist See More Perspective about his time in Northern Minnesota this spring, where he recently completed an artist tour with stops at Two Harbors Library, Grand Marais Public Library, Silver Bay High School, and the Minnesota Veterans Home in Silver Lake, MN.

“I spoke, shared songs, and invited questions and responses from the group,” See More said about his time with the participants at MN Veterans Home. “The experience was so unique from other workshops or performances. I really had to be so patient and comfortable with carrying the whole thing with a group that interacted very differently than I’m used to.”

See More spent the day with residents and planned to facilitate an interactive workshop.

“When I got there the group was almost completely nonverbal. So I mostly ended up performing and talking about hip hop and spoken word; what makes those art forms what they are, as well as the history of how these cultures came to be. I talked a lot about storytelling, and how vital our stories are to our society.”

He also talked about the Mexican holiday Día de Los Muertos and shared stories of people he’s lost. “ I was struck by the context of the room for that particular piece. It was deeply moving, and humbling, to be able to share about life and death with a group who have seen so much of both…”

“It wasn’t until later in the evening that I fully realized the weight of that experience and I was moved to tears.”

SEE knight ceremony.jpg

The stories resonated with the library participants as well!

“See More Perspective was fantastic to work with--easygoing and super flexible.” Carmella Hatch, who works for Two Harbors Library, said, “He really did share some great new perspectives with our small library through his poetry and he easily connected with our patrons.”

In a world where differences can be met with rejection, See More hopes to branch out and create connections through the art of spoken word. “I just love interacting with people who experience a different day to day context than what I’m used to,” he explains, “There’s something about introducing this art that can seem so different from what they might be used to, but it becomes a tool and platform for people to connect more deeply to themselves, each other, and their stories.”