Artists in Action - Your COMPAS News Round-Up

MN Joe Tran performing at Opporuntiy Neighborhood

MN Joe Tran performing at Opporuntiy Neighborhood

Could it be that fall is upon us? The seasons are changing, which is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on who you ask. For us at COMPAS and all our Teaching Artists we are ecstatic about the new season and new creative opportunities. What were we up to in the last month of summer? Break-dancing, preparing creatively for gong back to school, handing out Artist Awards, and eating a lot of fair food. Read all about it in your August news round-up! Cool? Cool.

Creative Conversations with Breaker MN Joe Tran

"I approach my dance in the same way — anything is possible and everything is worth exploring." -- MN Joe Tran

This month we talked with Teaching Artist and BRKFST crew member MN Joe Tran about his love for breaking (AKA break-dancing), where his head-spinning inspiration came from and what the art form can do to keep young people curious and passionate. Check it out in the month's Artist Spotlight!

The Minnesota State Fair: Go for the food, stay for the dancing!

Ragamala Dance Company

Ragamala Dance Company

This year, we had not one, but TWO performances from Teaching Artists Ragamala Dance and BRKFST. Both performed on the Dan Patch Stage as part of Saint Paul Public Libraries' "Read or Ride Day". Ragamala had students from the dance company perform "From Temple to Theater", which explores the dance form of Bharatanatyam. BRKFST performed a breaking routine and taught some fair-goers how to bust a move of their own. They also explained the origins of hip-hop and breaking and how the art-form is ever-changing. 

... Also at the fair!

The COMPAS Artist Award winners! Their work was displayed with hundreds of other K through 12 student art pieces in the Education Building. See all the award winners here.

Back to School Creative Survival Guide

"The world needs your new ideas, perspectives and artworks." -- Erin Sandsmark

Summer's in Minnesota can feel short, but with a little preparation for fall, and the new school-year, things can seem so much brighter. MCAD Teaching Specialist, painter and visual artist Erin Sandsmark gave us some tips and tricks on how to use the arts to prepare for the new school-year. Thanks Erin!

Let's Talk About Art

What does art mean to you? Board member Christopheraaron Deans gives his thoughts on what art means to him. Check it out in this clip from Twin Cities PBS!