And The Winners Are...

Ana Swerin, Grade K, Turtle Lake Elementary

Ana Swerin, Grade K, Turtle Lake Elementary

Somewhere at the Minnesota State Fair between a pronto-pup stand and a lemonade booth lies the Education Building where hundreds of pieces of student art is displayed for creative fair goers to admire. Since 2010, COMPAS has recognized these student pieces with an Artist Award. 8 pieces from grades K - 12 are selected by COMPAS staff and awarded a rosette ribbon and a small cash prize. It's never an easy decision when every piece is filled with passion and creative energy, but we managed to narrow it down! 

If you make it to Minnesota's Great Get-Together make sure to stop by the Education Building and look at all the artwork! 

And the winners are...

Grade K
Ana Swerin
Turtle Lake Elementary
Raining Down Daises Poem

"I am standing under a tree
A hammock is swinging
But no one is in it

I stand there and stand there
Phoebe jumps in and I join her

I'm looking at the sky
There are no birds, there is no sun
I go inside, no one is there

Daisies are falling in the rain
She stands there waiting for no one

Non one comes outside the house
Where did they go, where did they go
She yells, "No one hurry up!"

And no one says, "I'm coming!"
No one hurry up, before more daises fall"

IMG_3724 (3).jpg

Grade 2

Lydia Rasmussen,
Lakeview Elementary

Abstract Layers Painting Inspired by Kandinsky

IMG_3723 (3).jpg

Grade 6


Alicia Krieg,
Chisago Lakes Middle School

Knee Length Skirt

IMG_3718 (3).jpg

Grade 6

Sandy Chen,
Northdale Middle School

Pencil Drawing-Giraffe

IMG_3713 (3).jpg

Grade 7

Celia Fuhrman,
Sunrise Park Middle School

Dragon Mask

IMG_3715 (3).jpg

Grade 7

Apollo Oase,
Valley Middle School

Watercolor Painting-Peacock

IMG_3726 (3).jpg

Grade 10

Elise Trail-Johnson,
St. Paul Central High School

Black and White Photograph with embroidery

IMG_3725 (3).jpg

Grade 12

Esther Story,
Blaine Senior High

Watercolor Painting-Girl, Elisha