Inside the COMPAS Studio with Ming Montgomery

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We return with another installment of Inside the "COMPAS Studio"! Introducing Ming Montgomery, a Shakespeare lover who is also our Arts Marketing Program Intern. She is currently studying Theater at Lawrence University in Appleton Wisconsin. This summer she's working hard at the COMPAS hub in Saint Paul and we couldn't be happier!

Hi Ming! We are truly honored you choose to spend your summer months with us. Other than being our fabulous Arts Marketing Program Intern, what other summer activities do you love?

There are so many! I really enjoy throwing the tennis ball for my dog, Cooper, swimming at my Cabin, jogging, and going to Minneapolis Fringe Festival shows. I’m a fan of theater and new work –– especially when they’re together! I also really enjoy teaching young students to appreciate theater as much as I do! My other job is directing a middle school summer musical. We’re putting on Alice in Wonderland Jr. It’s a blast!

You’re involved with theater. Love that! Do you have a favorite play or musical?

I do love Shakespeare’s Macbeth, but I’m also a fan of his Much Ado, and Richard the III. In terms of a more contemporary play, that’s a challenge. Chekov is great, Ibsen is superb, but I’d have to attribute Arthur Miller’s The Crucible to how I got an interest in straight plays after playing Mary Warren. However, most recently, I will say that I’m really impressed with Leah Nanako’s work. She’s a new up and coming Asian American playwright that I hope we hear more about as the theater scene becomes more and more diverse!

Playwright Leah Nanako

Playwright Leah Nanako

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

I was adopted from China, so going along the theme of identity, I’d  love to have dinner with my birth mother. I wouldn’t change the way my life is now because I’m content, motivated, and individual, but I would appreciate some answers.

What do you hope to gain through interning with COMPAS?

There are a few goals I hope to achieve  through my time as intern here. First, as an aspiring teaching artist myself, I hope my time at COMPAS informs me how a successful workshop is crafted. Towards the managing side, I’d also hope to have a better understanding of how non-profits function, specifically in the way that COMPAS works and communicates with community organizations and artists.

Have you seen The Intern with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro? Not a prerequisite to intern here… just a curiosity. I haven’t seen it but 60% on Rotten Tomatoes seems promising.  

I have, actually! I think it’s a really endearing movie about the ability to conquer any task no matter your age thanks to a good friendship, and a sturdy work-ethic! It made me see tough-guy DeNiro in a totally different part which was refreshingly fun.

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Do you think it’s important for everyone to have art in their life, and why?

I absolutely think it’s important for folks to have art in their life whether it’s music, creative writing, poetry, dance or theater because art is a reflection of the human condition which teaches us to be more compassionate towards one another.