Artists in Action - Your COMPAS News Round-Up

Mica Lee Anders teaching phtography 

Mica Lee Anders teaching phtography 

April was filled with snow, but it was also filled with creativity! While some were hibernating and patiently waiting for appropriate spring weather, we were keeping busy this April doing activities that didn't involve snow-plowing. 

Photography and Water Coloring at Stephen-Argyle 

Visual artist and photographer Mica Lee Anders joined forces with watercolor extraordinaire Jim Mondloch to create an unforgettable residency at Stephen-Argyle High School.   

Mica Lee Anders is a visual artist who does mixed media work and photography. She teaches children of all ages how to create meaningful, well-composed photographs.

Jim is an experienced painter and art teacher with decades of experience. Numerous pieces of his have been displayed around Minnesota. Jim has also been a featured artist for Art Train USA, St. Cloud Times, Ace Powell Art Gallery, Newman Center SCSU University, and many more. 

Jim Mondloch using watercolor with students

Jim Mondloch using watercolor with students

Arts & Crafts

Many thanks to all who came out for this year's Arts & Crafts! It was a very special day made even more special by everyone who attended. We couldn't have done it without our five fabulous artists who lead The Creative Race: Kelley Meister, Julia Klatt Singer, See More Perspective, Djenane Saint Juste, and Benjamin Domask! And of course a round of applause for the amazing COMPAS staff, Can Can Wonderland and BlackStack Brewing, and our many sponsors:

Dancing with Djenane Saint Juste at Arts & Crafts

Dancing with Djenane Saint Juste at Arts & Crafts

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* All photos by Max Haynes

30 Days of Poetry

April is National Poetry Month and what better way to honor it than with a... you guessed it: poem! Teaching Artists Marcie Rendon and Diego Vazquez worked with this year's Women's Writing Program at Sherburne County Jail, to create an anthology of beautiful poetry.

Here's an excerpt from Smiles Hidden in Tears.