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Teresa Cox | Visual Arts


"Teresa was fantastic! She did an amazing job communicating with the elders, she is very patient and flexible, she worked very hard with each resident, staff and volunteers so that they could clearly understand the program and be creative. The Residents responded well, and where very amazed by their creations. Watching the residents really thinking and focusing on their art was wonderful!" -- Activity Director, Older Adult Care Center

During an arts residency my focus is on inspiring students to think and see more broadly. I delight in fostering excitement for the discovery of new ideas and the satisfaction of having a creative vision and carrying it out.  My role is to stimulate, instruct and champion their efforts.  I set the bar high and then enjoy jumping over it with them. Through original and engaging lessons I model conceptual, visual and tactile skills such as drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, printing and building. In addition to working in the schools, I have developed workshops and taught through institutions such as the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minnesota Museum of American Art, the Science Museum of Minnesota and others.

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I work with classroom themes and adapt art lessons to topics of study and enjoy working with all ages with a special affinity for projects with older adults and young children.

Inspired by the complexity of the natural world, artist Teresa Cox creates her artwork by combining paint, photo and paper layers. She also works in the realm of community and public art and has facilitated group drawing and brainstorming sessions, designed and painted numerous public murals and installed several large terrazzo floor commissions.

Teresa has developed and taught art programs with diverse senior populations including; community mural design and painting, workshops for cancer survivors, lessons for patients at bedside and one-on-one collaged stories in Hospice settings.

Learn more about Teresa in her June, 2013 Artist Spotlight interview.

Note that some projects identified as residencies can be made into shorter term workshops.

Sample Programs: Customizable To Site’s Needs


Artful Memory Stories

Participants will create their own unique mixed-media drawing/collage story based on a particular memory of place, time or experience. Guided by group discussion, readings and a worksheet, participants are encouraged to think about key moments and desires in their lives. We’ll resource copies of personal photos and build a composite of the past or future as a means to identify simple yet powerful, everyday moments.

I’ll share past projects and demonstrate clear steps of the process including: how to find and compose a visual story, drawing, composition, folding/cutting papers and color blending and paint handling. We’ll use acrylic paints, construction papers, art papers, glue, scissors and drawing tools.


Circular Collage Boxes

Students draw, paint and collage an original circular design box inspired by everyday objects and natural ephemera. Participants will identify unique shapes and ideas in the common objects that surround us-from a sliced orange, a fallen leaf or a house key-all shapes can be inspiration for exciting new ideas. This lesson celebrates the joy of creating through the design of a functional object.

I’ll share past design projects and demonstrate clear steps of the process including: drawing, overlapping, circle design, folding/cutting papers and foundational color blending and paint handling. We’ll use acrylic paints, construction papers, art papers, glue, scissors and drawing tools. Each student receives a circular paper mache box to work with.


Hanging Sculpture-Color and Design

Students create individual hanging sculptures based on a theme inspired by a scavenger hunt of colors, textures, plants and designed shapes. Students draw three distinct ideas of inter-related shapes and build these to hang as a vertical story or design. This project explores: invention, balance, mixed media, light, color, play and scale.


Drawing Into Painting

Drawing into Painting is a great fundamental and progressive learning process using observation and imagination to draw and paint plants, shapes, architecture or other subjects both realistic and whimsical. Students and participants will work with water based media such as acrylic, tempera or watercolor.


Hat Making Sculptures

Hat Making Sculptures is a wearable design lesson. Students make their own original paper fabrics and fabulous hat or wig forms inspired by a world culture or an animal/nature theme.


Mixed Media & Murals

Mixed Media and Murals Teresa will work with students to draw ideas based upon a selected theme. After refinement, the drawings become a scaled design that is transferred to wood, a wall or individual panels. The students work collaboratively learning about scale, painting and color relationships or design, cutting and gluing in a positive group dynamic.

Teresa is also available for large scale public and community murals.


Self-Portrait Collages

Self-Portrait Collages is both a fun and reflective project for students, and good way for individuals to explore identity. Using a large photograph of their face, students draw and collage a body which explores their emotions and life goals. Portraits can be serious or playful, and give participants the chance to experiment, using personal images as a starting point.


World Architecture Sculpture

In World Architecture Sculpture, students design and construct their own 3-dimensional building through a process informed by one or more cultures. Participants invent and build their own colorful and unique structures using a variety of supplies including cardboard, wood, found objects and paint.



Artful Portrait Collages

In this workshop, participants will explore ideas of the self. We’ll look to painted portraits by well known artists (Degas, Kahlo, Vermeer and others) for inspiration. Each person will select a famous portrait to adopt and guide their creative process. Our focus will be upon creating powerful self photo-portraits through postures, expressions, colors and spaces which can be catalysts for reflection and reinvention. The self-portrait allows you to see yourself as others might see you or to explore ideas or fantasies of yourself. We’ll explore fundamentals of composition, personal expression and color. Materials used during this workshop are acrylic paints, pencils, magazines, scissors, colored papers, and glue.


Murals: Paint or Collage

In this workshop we’ll develop ideas around a specific theme (circles, nature, mid-century design or others). Each participant will either create their own piece of the mural (collage or paint) or rotate to work on different sections of the project (paint). We’ll learn and explore the fundamentals of community art, drawing, color relationships, paint handling or collage development and design. The finished mural may be assembled and exhibited on site or at another location.


Painted Flower Collages

In this workshop we will explore the flower and its limitless design possibilities. Always a beautiful and inspiring form-the flower comes in many varieties and can represent a sense of health, renewal and beauty. We’ll also look at the work of various artists who collage and work with still life as a theme. This workshop will explore art fundamentals, freehand cutting and the beauty of the “mistake”. Each participant will loosely draw multiple plant designs and then create collages using vibrant colored papers. Materials used during this workshop are pencils, markers, magazine and colored papers, paint and white glue.


Design Shape Workshop

In the Design Shape Workshop, students explore shape, pattern, color and form through experimental drawing and collage. They translate their finished designs into musical pop-out sculptures, paper books, stamped patterns, tin relief, collages or watercolors.