Maret Polzine | Visual Arts


Maret Polzine | Visual Arts


As a teaching artist, Maret (they/them) loves to share their passion for the moving image with everyone they meet, and to honor their students’ work at every level. As Maret understands how frightening it can be to consider jumping into film/animation/digital media, they are always happy to offer their students the chance to try a new art form in a safe and comfortable learning space. In the classroom, they bring a sense of fun, slight silliness, and collaboration to an art form that can frequently feel solitary and difficult. Together we will learn how to talk about animation and film, how to think critically and creatively to plot out our animations and films, and to complete short form practice and portfolio pieces.

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As an artist in the community, Maret has been screened locally and internationally in such programs as: Square Lake Film Festival, Sydney Underground Film Festival, Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival, Altered Esthetics, and more. Maret has been awarded Best Experimental Short by the Subversive Cinema Society in 2016, and the Audience Choice Award at Altered Esthetics in 2018. They have a degree in animation from MCAD. Maret is also the founder and partner of Video Variant, a film screening series, education program, and artist community dedicated exclusively to LGBTQIA+ filmmakers.

Learn more about Maret in their November 2018 Artist Spotlight interview.

Sample Programs: Customizable To Site’s Needs


Get Physical! Pixilation Animation

Pixilation is the art of using one’s body as the puppet in stop-motion animation. Students can loosen up, use their bodies, and have fun all while learning concepts of animation. Together with the artist, students will conceptualize and flesh out an idea, gather materials and build simple settings/props, and shoot a collaborative movie together. Pixilation can be a fun, goofy way to interpret difficult intellectual concepts, dense literature, or abstractions.


Jumping For Joy! 2D Character Animation

The jump is a great way to try your hand at 2D animation. As a motion, it has clear, definable poses that are easy to conceptualize, even for beginners. Together with the artist, students will learn the basic concepts of animation, design and personalize their own original characters, make critical decisions about the animation style based on the personality of their characters, and end the residency with a finished short animated sequence. This project can be done on paper or on free 2D animation software.


Experimental Film and Animation

Explore the vast opportunity for artistic, educational, and emotional expression that the moving image has to offer. With the artist, students will break free from the boundaries enforced by Hollywood standards for filmmaking, and experiment with strange and wonderful techniques of their own devising. We will seek inspiration from our surroundings (or your class curriculum!), brainstorm new ways to create images, and collaborate as a class on one, long-form experimentation. Everyone is capable of creating and participating in abstract cinema, and with a little guidance and a lot of collaboration, we can create something wonderful together.



2D Character Animation Basics

Make your characters Jump! Laugh! Dance! Students will learn the basics of 2D animation, and work with the artist to bring their characters joyfully to life and create a series of short animated sequences on paper or using free 2D software. We will think critically, creatively, and communally to create short character pieces.