Danielle Daniel | Theater


Danielle Daniel | Theater

"Danielle was awesome! The kids loved it and so did the parents!  I think they really connected to her and could identify with her. She really knows how to read the audience and get them hooked and engaged. We would love to have her again." 
-- Ms. Braun, Meadow Lake Elementary
"Danielle did an amazing job with her storytelling. She really engaged the students and had them all participate without judgement. Her storytelling was dynamic, interesting, and exciting!"
-- Ms. Harris, Mississippi and Maxfield Elementary Schools

Actress, storyteller, author and educator, Danielle encourages self-discovery, social interaction and free expression. She believes the arts can build strong building communities and connect us to the world. Her career includes various theater and storytelling programs which inspire audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Danielle is an international performer, presenting storytelling and theater projects in the Twin Cities, nation-wide, and in Africa, England, Germany and Italy.

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Danielle received her BA at the University of Minnesota and is the author of a children’s book entitled The Ghost of Old Man Willie. She has also written five plays one of which was performed at the 2015 Fringe Festival. She has received the COMPAS 2011 Jim Dusso Artist Award, the MN State Arts Fellowship, and the Jerome Fellowship and Many Voices Award from the Playwright Center.

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Creating Rainbows: Creative Writing, Storytelling & Theater

Learn how to develop and craft stories and build language skills through creative writing, theater, and movement activities. As a professional actress, storyteller, motivational speaker and author, I travel to many cities, states, villages and countries to teach, perform, motivate, collect and share stories. During the past 20 years I have worked with numerous schools and community organizations to help students create and develop their own stories, plays and other creative works of art that are important to them. I look forward to our creative endeavors.

In Storytelling Residencies, students hear stories while learning how to develop and craft their own life stories. Creative Writing Residencies provide opportunities for students to write about things that are important to them. Movement, visual arts, folktales, stories and theater games are used to help expand students’ visions. Theater Residencies help students learn more about themselves as they build their communication skills. Theater games and activities help students to explore who they are, and build self-esteem—the creative possibilities are endless.


Watch an example of Danielle's storytelling with the tale "Wise Turtle"


Connecting Through Stories

Danielle Daniel, accompanied by a musician (guitar and/or drums), shares stories that highlight African-American history and culture for audiences of all ages. Danielle weaves stories full of adventure and imagination that impart positive messages of courage, faith, respect and freedom. The featured musician enhances each story’s characters and plot with guitar and/or percussion.



Creating Rainbows: Creative Writing, Storytelling & Theater

Learn how to draw a storyboard, develop plot, and create exciting and interesting characters through creative writing, movement, storytelling and theater. Creative movement inspires the writing of short stories, poetry and performance pieces. Storytelling stimulates the imagination, and theater arts provide the human experiences needed in character development. Each workshop series is designed to promote self-expression and critical thinking skills.