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Heidi Jeub has worked as a teaching artist since 2003, teaching bookbinding, visual journaling, and abstract painting. Since she was an “alternative learner” as a young person into her higher educational path, she intuitively connects her art forms to various academic subjects such as literature, science, math, and technology.

She links STEM concepts into art making, because artists are known for pushing technology to pursue their vision. She has created interdisciplinary art projects, bringing art, manufacturing, science, and math together to engage students in the realities of collaboration and 21st century skills. Her ability to acclimate to different educational settings allows her to work with all ages and backgrounds.

More About the Artist

With an active painting practice as an abstractionist, she has developed an accessible approach to understanding abstract and non-representational artwork through her residencies. Learners leave their experience with a long list of new vocabulary that can be applied to both their own artistic expression and to other subjects in their daily lives. Plus they have a blast!

Jeub lives and works in Central Minnesota, with an active studio practice as an abstract painter, owner of a gallery in downtown St. Cloud, and the owner and operator of a portable studio called the Tiny School of Art & Design. She has a studio art degree (1999) and masters degree (2017 in Arts & Cultural Leadership) from the University of Minnesota. She has been awarded several project grants and awards from regional arts boards (Five Wings Arts Council and Central MN Arts Board), the Minnesota State Arts Board, Forecast Public Art, and has been included in rural-based grants through national funders like Art Place  and the  National Endowment for the Arts Our Town Grants. She is a 2019 National Arts Strategies and 2021 Creative Community Institute Fellow. 

In addition to the programs below, Heidi is available for mural projects.

Program Offerings


Vocabulary of Art Through Abstract Painting

An opportunity to explore painting media, without obstruction of preconceived ideas of the end product. While creating work by engaging in abstract painting, students learn about and apply specific principles of art and elements of design as experienced in different art making experiences. By learning the vocabulary of principles of art and elements of design as they engage in the process of art making and learn methods to engage in self-reflection and critique amongst their peers. Students learn to talk about art in constructive ways and make connections between design concepts and their daily lives.

Book Binding & Visual Journaling


Students will learn the tools and techniques that make a hardcover book, which includes math, geometry, and engineering in its many steps. After making the book, students will learn how visual journaling can be part of the artist’s process, as well as a way to become a more engaged learner. This residency can be customized to fit the needs to the classroom, and can easily be integrated into a math, science, or literature classroom.

Interdisciplinary Projects and Installation


An opportunity to show how collaboration can work between disciplines, this 3 week residency is meant to engage students between art, industrial arts, and non-arts class, like science or math. Students create an installation piece working in groups, passing on the responsibilities between “areas of expertise.” This residency takes proper planning to be high-impact, but the impact, if done well, is high.

Large Collaborative Painting Project

Participants create a series of large paintings (4 pieces that are 4×5′) that will be exhibited in a re-designated space in the school or community. Pre-planning with artist is necessary to decide if the artist creates the composition or the students design it.

Design Thinking and Public Art

Students help create an object (like a bike rack) or a space (like a park) through the process of Design Thinking, often used by artists, architects, and designers. Students will identify problems, create prototypes, and present potential solutions to their team. This workshop is a great option for schools or afterschool programs that are interested in STEM concepts, public art, and applied arts. Ample planning and potential funding considerations can be discussed with the artist prior to the residency.

Selfies Project

Students create a portrait of themselves, after learning about color mixing, proportion, and composition.


“Heidi was an excellent resident artist to have in my classroom. She related well with the kids and was able to give them a beginning understanding of a difficult concept—abstract art. I would very much enjoy her in my classroom again.”

Ms. Pietruszewski, Tri County School

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