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Frank Sentwali is the creator of Edu-Poetic Enterbrainment, a Twin Cities’ spoken word and music ensemble. Frank has spent years in the education system as a tutor, teacher and mentor. He currently co-facilitates S.E.E.D. (Sentwali Entertainment Education Division), presenting programs in schools and community centers.

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Program Offerings

Virtual and Remote Programs

Virtual Residency: Intro to Spoken Word

This virtual residency is comprised of a 6-video lesson complete with performances and instruction by Frank Sentwali, spoken word viewing recommendations, class directives, power point slides, writing samples and more. Students can interact with Sentwali via Google Hangouts, Flip Grid, or Zoom video conferencing and messaging platforms. Final presentations can be posted via flip grid and critiqued by Frank Sentwali using the same grading rubrics he uses in the classroom residency.


The Performance Art of Spoken Word

Students will enhance their development of writing skills, their confidence in self-expression, and their vocal skills, as well as receive Frank Sentwali’s lifetime of knowledge about Hip-Hop and Rap music. Edu-Poetic-Enter-Brainment, educational poetic entertainment for the brain, is the moniker for my brand of poetry fused with verbal rhythms and theatrical expression. For the last 20 years I have been exposing young people to the more socially-constructive elements of Hip-Hop culture, while offering them a unique opportunity to creatively express their feelings and experiences.

My residency “The Performance Art of Spoken Word” is a flexible model with the following objectives:

1) Educating students about Hip-Hop poetics and culture;
2) Encouraging students to constructively criticize and analyze the language and images they are bombarded with via modern media;
3) Offering students the opportunity to perform free verse poems with an emphasis on their individual experiences and opinions. They will write original poetry, style-write it for performance, learn a variety of theatre and performance skills, and conduct a “coffeehouse” style open MIC for their peers. Students will enhance their development of writing skills, their confidence in self-expression, and their vocal skills, as well as receive my lifetime of knowledge about Hip-Hop and Rap music.


Enterbrainment Live!

Edu-Poetic Enterbrainment uses poetry and live music to promote morality, self-reliance and accountability. Learn how spoken word and hip-hop culture evolved and influenced American society and politics.

Note: Frank can perform as a solo artist as well as with musicians.


Introduction to the Spoken Word

Work with Frank to create and perform spoken word poems using poetry, history, oral presentation, improvisation and memorization. Examine the influences of pop culture and media; learn to identify and analyze the value of art versus the value of entertainment. Workshops end with an open mic style showcase.

hythm & Rhyme

Introduce spoken word and poetry writing using age-appropriate concepts including rhyming words and vowel sounds. Produce couplets and quatrains on topics such as families, the seasons or favorite foods.

Spoken Word: From the Griot to the Emcee

Participants gain a cultural and historical understanding of spoken word through demonstration, discussion and exploration. Frank performs his original work, introduces the history of spoken word and sheds light on some often misunderstood ideas about hip-hop and rap music.


“I look forward to working with Frank again. He brings a broader view of the world to my students. He provides many examples of spoken word artists performing, including performing himself. Some of my most introverted students left their comfort zone and performed magnificently.”

Ms. Olson, Roseau High School


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