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Unveiling the Mosaic: Empowering Creativity to Reshape Culture  

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Something amazing is happening. 

Right now, the world is experiencing something big and historic, and you should be part of it, especially if you want to uplift diversity and help Minnesota become more just and equitable.  

We are living in a unique time of rapid and widespread change. Experts say it’s as significant as the Industrial Revolution, the fall of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, and the Civil Rights Movement. Just like those times, today we see old systems changing. Institutions are being reassessed, and social norms around identity, authority, education, technology, the environment, and relationships are being redefined.  

These changes bring incredible opportunities for innovation and growth, and in this post, we’re excited to share some ways to make the most of them through creativity and storytelling. (That’s why we have launched our “Creativity Saves the World” initiative!) But first, let’s take a closer look at what’s happening.  

Welcoming a New Era 

This time of rapid change can feel unsettling, but it’s important to remember that new ways emerge when old ones evolve. These moments are crucial for shaping culture, which serves as an unwritten rulebook that guides our behaviors, beliefs, and interactions. 

Stories: The Heartbeat of Change 

Culture is shaped by stories that define our collective identity, guiding beliefs, values, and behaviors, and leaving a lasting impact. During times of change, the stories that capture the spotlight shape our understanding of the world and influence how the machinery of society functions. 

Building a New Future Together in Minnesota 

As cultural norms evolve, the stories we tell define new ones. Helping the world become more equitable and inclusive requires amplifying the voices of storytellers who champion diversity and justice, especially those from historically marginalized communities. Their stories offer a powerful vision for a fairer society. 

Join Us in Shaping Tomorrow in Minnesota 

This year, as COMPAS celebrates its 50th anniversary, we are working harder than ever to provide Minnesotans of all ages and abilities with creative experiences that help them develop and expand their storytelling abilities, whether through spoken word poems, paintings, dance, music, or even juggling. That’s why we have launched “Creativity Saves the World,” a year-long initiative to explore the role creativity can and must play in solving the unique challenges of this era. We warmly invite you to join us in this work. 

Be Part of the Change in Minnesota 

Together, we can create a world that benefits everyone by amplifying new narratives that promote justice, inclusivity, and mutual respect. By supporting and empowering new storytellers, we can inspire positive change for generations to come. 

As we embrace this transformative journey, Minnesota is poised to become stronger than ever. Using the power of creativity and storytelling, we are not only redefining our cultural identity but also strengthening our community’s resilience and unity. As a result, Minnesota will continue to be a leader in progress and empowerment. 
“Whoever tells the stories defines the culture.” Let’s ensure those stories lead us toward a better future, ensuring Minnesota’s strength and vibrancy for future generations. 

Jump In, Get Involved, and Make a Difference Today! 

Here are a few ways you can get involved right now: 

  • Learn more about COMPAS and how creativity saves the world on our new website.  

  • Support our work with a gift, which will go directly into schools and other environments where COMPAS provides creative experiences. 

  • Invite a COMPAS Teaching Artist into your classroom, community center, older adult community, business, or anywhere else you’d like to inspire with creativity. COMPAS Teaching Artists truly transform lives with their unparalleled artistry and educational expertise. 

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  • Check out our new podcast, Creativity on Tap, a series of conversations produced by COMPAS about the value and importance of creativity. You’ll find it anywhere you get your podcasts. Each episode brings together educators, entrepreneurs, elected officials, parents, and other community leaders to discuss creativity and answer the question: What is creativity, and how can it solve the unique challenges facing today’s world? 

  • Read and share our white paper, “The Art of Positive Change,” which explores four topics particularly vital today: 
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