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The "Core Principles" defined here were created by a team of Young Audiences Artists and are based on the Academic Standards for the Arts.  The academic standards  are defined by four strands that foster the development of students’ artistic literacy. The Core Principles reflect strands of the Academic Standards.


Each strand has one or more standards that can be implemented. We ask that COMPAS Teaching Artists align their existing work with the strands and units of standards.

These Four Essential Elements should be present in Teaching Artists programs.

EXPERIENCE - What will the students/participants do while they are with you? A
good way of thinking about the experience is by thinking about your work along the lines of the senses; hearing, touching, seeing, smelling, etc.

UNDERSTAND - How will you teach the students about the history and/or culture of your art form? When did it start? Where did it come from? This is where you outline the key ideas and concepts of the art form so that students/participants will retain the information and be able to use it in the future.

CREATE - What exactly will the students to do create something while they are with you? Break this down into details - such as choose a subject; practice a rhythm; demonstrate three dance steps; develop their own________________??

CONNECT - How can you compare your art form to other classes or experiences that the students will remember and be able to apply to their own lives?