We believe everyone can be creative and we have the programming to prove it. Our talented writers, musicians, visual artists and performers are ready to inspire all ages with hands-on programs throughout Minnesota.

Creative Classroom 
Creativity is not owned by the arts, it is taught by them.

We connect students in Kindergarten to 12th grade with the life-changing power of creativity, impacting over 30,000 schoolchildren across Minnesota each year. Our skilled teaching artists teach professional art techniques, build connections with classroom curriculum, explore history and cultural diversity, and nurture student creativity.


Creative Community 
Those who create the art, define the culture.

From libraries, parks and festivals to after-school programs, shelters, and recreation centers, COMPAS delivers enriching, creativity-growing experiences to all Minnesotans.


Artful Aging
Creativity gives us purpose. Purpose is what keeps us alive.

Artists work side-by-side with adults 55+ who live independently and in senior living centers. Engaging, artistic experiences bring joy and satisfaction to seniors as they discover new talents and renew old ones.


Arts in Healthcare
When words fail to express, creativity allows us to heal.

Our Arts in Healthcare programs strengthen community and wellness through professional arts performances and instruction. Creativity stimulates recovery, increases quality of life, and connects staff and patients.

Artistic Disciplines available in all program areas:

From murals to memoirs to mosaics, our artists work in virtually any arts discipline you can imagine. Poetry, songwriting, ethnic dance, spoken word, jazz composition, video production, world music, graffiti art and more. You can work with old favorites, or bring in a new experience beyond anything you've imagined!

Explore our programs for an overview of how we can collaborate to bring creativity into your community or take a look at our artist roster to see all the possibilities.

The COMPAS Difference