COMPAS Prism Arts Residencies

Prism Arts aims to create wider access to the work of local and national African and African American artists through hands-on artist residencies. Prism Arts Residencies will feature the work of local or national African American artists and use it as inspiration for new in-class artmaking. All Prism Arts Teaching artists are experienced COMPAS Teaching Artists contributing to the arts ecosystem here in the Twin Cities.


Spring 2019 Prism Arts Residencies include:


Theater Arts Inspired by Lorraine Hansberry with Teaching Artist Aimee Bryant

Exploring Theater with Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raising in the Sun.” Using one of the best plays in the canon of American theatre, we will explore collaborative process of making theatre.

Storytelling Inspired by the Work of Jackie Torrence with Teaching Artist Beverly Cottman

Learners will practice using vocal dynamics, facial expressions, and gesture to make a storytelling session exciting and engaging in the style of Ms. Jackie Torrence.


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Danielle Daniel Headshot promo 2015 029_circle.jpg

Poetry & Performance Inspired by Eloise Greenfield with Teaching Artist Danielle Daniel

Use works by African American poet and author, Eloise Greenfield as inspiration to improve oral reading comprehension and writing skills, and to help foster an appreciation for African American poetry.

Haitian Dance Inspired by Contemporary Haitian Artists Mikaben, Jeff Pierre & More with
Teaching Artist Djenane Saint Juste

Students will learn Haitian history, culture, music and dance. They will bring all these pieces together into a final performance on the last day.



Collaborative Music Making Inspired By Sweet Honey in the Rock with Teaching Artists Give Get Sistet

Students will listen to and analyze two of the Improv Time! songs from Sweet Honey in the Rock’s Still the Same Me album. Then in small groups they will create their own songs through improvisation

KARla nweje_circle.jpg

Dance Inspired by Katherine Dunham with Teaching Artist Karla Nweje

Katherine Dunham was an anthropologist, dancer, choreographer, creator of the Dunham Technique, scholar and activist. As a youth, Karla was inspired by her research as well as her ability to transform the roots of black dance into creative choreography that still today speaks to anyone.


Poetry Inspired by J. Otis Powell with Teaching Artist Louis Porter II

J. Otis Powell was a powerful, Minneapolis-based poet, spoken word artist and writer who enjoyed blending and mixing genres. Throughout his career, he formally and informally mentored writers of all ages. This lesson will help students know who J. Otis was through is work, try out some of his writing style and develop their own writing.

Story Quilts Inspired by Faith Ringold, Harriet Powers, Michael A. Cummings & More with
Teaching Artist Mica Lee Anders

Students will learn about famous African-American textile artists and get to experience and utilize some of their techniques to design their own art-quilt projects.


If you are interested in bringing a Prism Arts
residency to your school please contact:

Phone: 651.292.3254