UPDATE - Free Residency Contest Winners

COMPAS is pleased to announce that instead of one school receiving a free residency, two schools will be receiving half-day free residencies.  The winners are:

School: Elk River High School, Elk River
Site contact: Rana Nestrud, Arts Magnet Director, art teacher/fine arts coordinator
Dates: Feb 21-24 + 27, 2012
Artist: Jim Mondloch, watercolor

Rana says about the impact of Arts Ed: I teach high school art students.  Bringing in local artists enhances the educational experience for students.  We all learn together from the insight, skills and knowledge a professional artist can provide.  Additionally, as a high school we seek opportunities to help students explore career options and post-secondary schooling.  Artists bring the "real world" aspect into the classroom.

School: Highland Park High School, St. Paul
Site contact: Charlotte Landreau, 11th and 12th grades, Dance and Philosophy
Dates: Mar 30 + Apr 2-5, 2012
Artist: Karla Nweje, dance

Charlotte says about the impact of Arts Ed: I teach Dance and Philosophy to a range of students, and infuse the questions of both subjects (how and why?) with the artistic sense of expression and exploration.  I know that my students respond to the arts both as a stimulant and as a comfort, and look forward to bringing them into contact with new artists to expand that sensibility.