Important Announcement Regarding Travelers Arts & Diversity Grant Program

2013 marks the 21st anniversary of the Travelers Arts & Diversity grant program! At a recent community event, we celebrated the $2.5 million dollars given to provide diversity education within Travelers, and to provide operating and project support for arts organizations that focused on serving diverse audiences, youth, and various arts education programs.

Developed in 1991 through a grant from The St. Paul Companies (now known as Travelers), the Arts & Diversity grant program has provided thousands of employees and community members with an expanded opportunity to deepen their relationships within the community that houses the corporate headquarters of Travelers. 

It was at that celebration that we made the following announcement:  as of July 1, 2013, the Arts & Diversity program will be folded directly in the local grants program of Travelers in Saint Paul.  What does this mean for the local arts community?

  • The Arts & Diversity Committee will continue to do its work with a focus on youth and diversity in the arts, and especially on arts education.
  • Funding requests will generally be $5,000 or less, but exceptions may be made at the discretion of the committee and Mike Newman.
  • Awarded grants will be paid in one payment.
  • The committee encourages groups to continue to collaborate on projects, but to submit just one pre-application & application through, rather than each group seeking funding for the collaborative project.
  • Organizations interested in funding and involvement with such a project are encouraged to submit a min-white paper outlining their potential project, outcomes south, and involvement they seek from the Arts & Diversity Committee.

This also means that Ricka Kohnstamm and COMPAS will no longer serve as consultant and program manager for the Arts & Diversity Committee.  Ricka has been a valued member of the team since its inception, and has provided solid leadership for the committee and for applicants.  COMPAS has enjoyed providing fiscal management and administrative support for the program.

If you are a current or former recipient with an outstanding final payment, please direct your final report to Dan Adolphson, Operations and Grant Programs Director, at  The final report form can be downloaded below.

All new inquiries, applications, and/or questions should be directed to Mike Newman, Vice President-Community Affairs, at (651) 310-7263 or