Michelle has been a board member since 2010 because she believes "Art is Brain Food" and it's critical for health and wellness. A native Coloradoan now living in Saint Paul, Michelle is an entrepreneur who has launched her own business (Mchle Arts) where she licenses her work and sells her original and prints at michellesilverman.com. She has been in executive non-profit leadership for over 18 years, including Executive Director and CEO of Gilda's Club Twin Cities and Free Arts Minnesota.

Michelle uses painting as a form of mediation and creative expression. An artist from a very early age (3 years old) and selling her first work at age 6 by going door-to-door and selling neighbors customized signs of their children’s names. Her paintings consist of resin and acrylic paints and the process is spontaneous and layered with vivid paint and movement. Additionally, she is a certified zentangle teacher and teaches many different art classes under the "Art is Brain Food" program.