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Kalpulli Ketzal Coatlicue at the Festival of Giving

  • Nicollet Island Pavilion 40 Power St. Minneapolis, MN 55401 United States (map)

Join Kalpulli Ketzal Coatlicue at Doing Good Together’s “Festival of Giving”! Come learn the symbols of the Meso-American calendar, experience the rhythms of an ancient people and begin to understand the connections between ritual and daily life.

Doing Good Together’s mission provides tools to both families and organizations to help them raise compassionate, engaged children.

Festival of Giving is a one-of-a-kind event that promotes kindness, service, mindfulness, and community collaboration.

Driving drum rhythms and dazzling costumes hold students’ interest, and through each step the dancer in full regalia gives life to the symbols of the dance. Aztec dance performance creates a connection between contemporary dancers and the elders who have preserved this expression of culture. The Aztec symbols of life are reproduced in the dance steps.

$5 individual ticket OR $20 for family ticket
No charge 2 and under