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Musical Trees from Down Under presented by Steve Sklar & Johnna Morrow

  • Maple Plain Library 5184 Main St E Maple Plain, MN 55359 United States (map)

Join us at Maple Plain Library and explore the ancient Australian Aboriginal instrument and its role in cultural contexts. This simple but complex tube, the product of a symbiotic relationship between the earth, trees, termites, and humans has a broad range of uses, including artistic, spiritual, storytelling, healing and fun! We will perform "songs", and demonstrate different animal sounds such as dingos, crocodiles, wolves and kookaburras. We can also demonstrate and explain circular breathing, which allows didgeridoo players to play for a long time without stopping to breathe!

With older groups, we can add more info regarding the actual sound production of the didgeridoo and the natural mathematics and physics that are the basis of the sounds. The study of harmonics is valuable as a basic concept in many branches of science and math, presented in a fun way!