Afoutayi Performance presented by Djenane Saint Juste

  • Golden Age Manor 220 Scholl Street Amery, WI, 54001 United States

Come join Afoutayi Dance, Music and Arts company as they take you on a journey through Haitian culture, history and traditional arts. Dance connects the Haitian people to their spiritual and cultural heritage, having been passed down through lineages of African and Indigenous ancestry.

This performance is a vibrant educational tool filled with dance, music, drumming storytelling and history. This program presents Haitian cultural heritage with songs in Creole and French languages with live drumming accompaniment.

Participants learn about Haitian culture through dance as the dancers engage in a playful, spontaneous interchange with the audience. Students will learn different aspects of Haitian Culture through a variety theme like: Konbit (Community gathering- Harvesting), Lakansyel (Rainbow-Carnival), Simbi Dlo (Deity of sweet and fresh water), Balanse Fofo (Community celebration), Lasirenn & Labalen (The mermaid and the Whale), larivye (At the River), Ibo lele (Haitian revolution). The audience will see a unique Haitian Cultural experience through the performances and will learn about Haitian cultural heritage.