Carnatic Music: The Classical Music of South India presented by Nirmala Rajasekar

  • Brooklyn Park Library 8500 West Broadway Avenue Brooklyn Park, MN, 55445 United States

Come experience this 2000 year old musical form from South India through the subjects of history, geography and even math. Participants will get to appreciate the value of something ancient and its relevance in today's world. They will also see and understand that music is a universal language. They will be challenged to create their own piece of Indian music. The final performance of the residency will highlight elements of Carnatic music, of its rhythm and power of emotional expression.

  • Experience some 2-3 languages of India, including the ancient language of Sanskrit in which the music has been composed
  • Discover the origin and location of the music in South India
  • And learn math and science elements with the creation of note patterns and lessons on rhythm