Melodic Creativity with Charlie Maguire

Charlie Photo 1.JPG

This week we have a very special blog post from COMPAS summer intern Melissa Moua! She joined Charlie Maguire at the Ebenezer Loren on Park apartments where guitar strings were plucked and melodies filled the room. Thank you, Melissa!

Walking into the room filled with smiles from the many unique individuals, created a space for me to relax and enjoy the melodic sounds that were being transferred from their lips. As the photographer on duty, every different angle I captured was a different perspective into someone’s story.

With the gentle, joyful claps, quiet attentiveness of the participants, and close engagement of the artist, I felt the emotional unity through songs. As my ears were in tune with the instrumental sounds and humming of songs, I begin to realize everyone has a creative piece naturally crafted in them; it’s just a matter of embracing and igniting it. I began to not only appreciate them as artists, but as humans who are immeasurably valuable and important. Music is a powerful tool that can be used to discover and stretch one’s potential, while cultivating a holistic growth that may have a long-lasting and meaningful movement.

Photos and blog by Melissa Moua