Taking Pride in Creativity


It started with a riot… and now 50 years later the LGBTQ+ community continues to honor and celebrate queer people each June with Pride. In honor of Pride month, Teaching Artist and puppeteer Bart Buch shared some thoughts on the importance of creativity and art in the queer community and how it’s shaped him as an artist. Thank you Bart!

“As queer people, I feel we constantly create and re-create our personal realities, out of necessity, to survive and thrive. It's not surprising that many GLBTQ+ people are artists and many artists are GLBTQ+. Often against tough odds, we create our own identities, love, families, communities, genders, and our own respect for these in beautifully imaginative ways. We also stand outside the dominant paradigm much of the time and have a unique perspective on what matters and what is essential. Because of this inherent place many queer folks come from, we inherently see the value of questioning culture, which is what authentic art does for a culture. But art also celebrates and evolves the culture and differences in the culture…

…So on this 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and Pride, let's create, question, love, evolve and celebrate this really, really queer world!

Teaching Artist Bart Buch

Teaching Artist Bart Buch

I work to contribute to a new paradigm in a world that honors the place of queerness and poetry in our cultural evolution, commits to and nurtures the invaluable visions of youth, and recognizes the need to ritualize intimate connections of people to one another and to a sense of place." - Bart Buch