More Than Words - Celebrating National Poetry Month!


“A poem-a-day is brilliant because it makes space in the everyday racket for something as meaningful as a poem.” - Tracy K. Smith, U.S. Poet Laureate

National Poetry Month comes every April and it is the largest literary celebration in the world! Millions of readers of all ages all across the nation come together to celebrate the importance of poetry and the poets who bring the vivid words to life.

This year, we celebrated with a poem-a-day! Most of the pieces came from writers from our annual anthology of student writing. Each year, COMPAS Teaching Artists work their magic with students throughout Minnesota, inspiring them to find their voice and create stunning songs, poems, short stories, and spoken word pieces in the process. Here are just a few of the incredible Teaching Artists that help craft these inspiring poems! The poems they help craft are more than words; they’re life lessons and experiences students will take with them far beyond the classroom!


Alexei Moon Casselle

Alexei Moon Casselle - Starting his passion for spoken word as a teenager, Alexei combines two decades of writing, recording, performance, collaboration, artistic philosophy and technique to incorporate within each residency.


Joyce Sidman

“Think of writing as a process rather than a product. Try to take joy in that process, working toward expressing what is most important to you.”


Stephen Peters

Write, of course, and then write some more and then rewrite all of that. Don't just talk about it. What's the saying from the Chinese Book of Changes? "Do not allow your ambition to dull your vision."

Learn more about our literary Teaching Artists here!

If you’re still in the mood to celebrate all things poetry and prose join us at The Loft’s Wordplay event May 11th & 12th for family friendly workshops lead by 6 COMPAS Teaching Artists!


We have spoken word artist Desdamona at this year’s Arts & Crafts on May 5th. This is your opportunity to write poetic lyrics side-by-side with a true master. Grab your tickets here!

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