Women Making Herstory

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” - Anni Albers (textile artist and printmaker)

March marks National Women’s History Month - commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. COMPAS is lucky and honored to be working with incredibly strong, talented female artists who are making history 24/7 — all year round. From the inner-city to rural Minnesota, we want to take a moment to share and celebrate some of the great art these women are making!


Anne McFaul Reid

In early February, Anne was at Morris Area Elementary teaching students how to design and build night lights. Students created a glowing work of art out of recycled materials, found objects, wood, beautiful papers, and paint.


Shakun Maheshwari

Shakun visited Groveland Park elementary in February and turned the ordinary to extraordinary by showing Indian culture, clothing, and language and making art while using traditional materials.


Chiaki O’Brien

Avivo Minneapolis got a special visit this month from Teaching Artists Chiaki O’Brien. She meet with community members to create beautiful weaving using a SAORI Loom.


Give Get Sestet

Gatewood Elementary was graced with the powerhouse music group Give Get Sestet for their performance of “Herstory” — a musical journey through the history of Africans in America using song, poetry, movement, and story.

Watch a few up-and-coming spoken word artists from Desdamona’s residency at McDonough Recreation Center!

DesBlack&EWhiteMIC smaller.jpg


Spoken-word and Teaching Artist Desdamona spent most of the winter at McDonough Recreation Center working with students on spoken-word and poetry! Check out this video featuring two up-and-coming spoken-word artists who worked with Desdamona. They give a little insight on what it means to be sisters.