Sharra Frank at Northeast Residence


Everyday COMPAS pieces together Teaching Artists with passionate students, teachers, older adults, community members and so many countless others to make meaningful and life-changing art. Sharra Frank working on mosaics with Northeast Residence was no exception. Since September 2018, the people NE Residence serves have created over 160 pieces with Sharra!

Northeast Residence Home is a nonprofit in White Bear Lake that provides services for children and adults with disabilities. Sharra has been working with mostly older teen and adult participants, providing weekly and bi-weekly workshops.

“I never tire of the mosaic process and the unlimited possibilities within the range of color, textures and materials available. I’m always discovering something new to experiment with.” Sharra says.


Throughout the process Sharra loved observing the participants as they created their pieces with such focus and determination. “I love the look of pride and joy when their piece is completed and how the NE Residence staff support and honor each resident’s own unique strengths and abilities.”

The goal is to have everyone involved create a piece. The final product will be hung in the lobby of Northeast Residence at the end of February! Participants loved the work they did with Sharra so much they made extra mosaics to take home with them!

“Exercising our creativity is important,” Sharra reflects, “because it allows us to problem solve in new ways. With mosaics, it’s also a sensory and tactile experience while engaging spatial planning skills and fine motor work.”

We’re so excited to see the end product!

Next up for Sharra: preparing her Mosaic Design and Creativity workshop. She’ll also be teaching in Nashville this spring at the American Mosaic Summit, hosted by the Society of American Mosaic Artists.