Mentoring Creators, Changing the Future


Some things to know for January: Minnesota is a frozen tundra, remember to change the year when jotting down the date and of course, it’s Mentorship Month!

All year our Teaching Artists mentor students through the power of creativity — showing them skills and instilling confidence that will stay with them for years to come. Whether it’s learning to think outside the box when piecing together a mosaic or building public speaking skills when presenting a spoken word piece, each art-form provides so many opportunities for mentorship.

This month, COMPAS Teaching Artist See More Perspective took some time to write about the importance of mentoring and what it means to him.

“When I think about mentorship, a current of people, moments, and inspiration rushes through my mind. I think of elders, outspoken peers, and so many bold artists and thinkers of all ages that I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in community. People who actively exhibit something I aspire to, who show me possibility I haven’t considered, and who share the best of what it means to be someone committed to craft and humanity.”

Teaching Artist See More Perspective

Teaching Artist See More Perspective

“I’ve done what I can to pay it forward, and have been profoundly rewarded with rich experiences sharing what I know with a handful of groups of young people. In a lot of ways, mentorship is a current. A flow from one source to another. A flow that always finds a way to offer so much life. It keeps us refreshed, vital, and in the moment. It is also the other current, that current state that allows mentorship to be so powerful. A state of honesty of who we are now, who we were, and who we hope to be. Sharing generously and opening ourselves humbly.”