Poetry: Lessons of Love

Love: strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.


You've listened about it in music. You've watched it blossom between your favorite sitcom characters. You've read about it in a novel turned movie years later. But the one thing that reigns true: no matter how often it's told, no experience of love is ever the same. These mediums portray the "butterflies in your stomach" experience well but there's something truly special about reading a poem that expresses the universal emotion of love.

April is National Poetry Month and what better way to honor it than with a... you guessed it: poem! Teaching Artists Marcie Rendon and Diego Vazquez worked with this year's Women's Writing Program at Sherburne County Jail, to create an anthology of beautiful poetry.

Here's an excerpt from Smiles Hidden in Tears.   


A Mother's Love

when you get her mad she yells

then she becomes your best friend,

you wonder maybe she was under a spell 

her threats empty as a high school hallway

at 5'5 she moves like a giant and her heart

we all know is even bigger

wonder woman could be her name 

raised 5 boys, 6 girls the right way

class in session, respect and honor is what she teaches 

she smiles too wide no matter the situation

shows love through words

lets you know that you can take on the world

a mother's love 

soft and comfy

like a dove.