5 Artists and You

While this year's April weather is a bit gloomy and less than ideal, the future still looks bright with Arts & Crafts just a week away! We're so excited to unleash creativity with you and in case you haven't heard; we've got creative experts to lead the way... five of them to be exact! 


These marvelous, ingenious, and innovative individuals (trying saying that ten times fast) are ready to lead you through The Creative Race! 

Kelly Meister

Kelley Meister works as a teaching artist with COMPAS, and at the Science Museum of Minnesota. She teaches stop-motion animation, documentary and narrative filmmaking, digital photography, computer game design, creative circuitry, photographic printmaking, and other technology-infused arts.

Djenane Saint Juste

Let go of you inhibitions with Djenane Saint Juste! A Haitian native, she is trained in ballet, hip-hop, modern, jazz and ballroom, as well as a vocalist specializing in Haitian traditional dance and folklore. 

Julia Klatt Singer

A true lover of words, Julia Klatt Singer has over thirty short stories and poems published and is the co-author of the book, Twelve Branches (Coffeehouse Press). Her passion for words and weaving a tale resonate with participants. 

See More Perspective 

SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE has been described as a “Chicago Institution,” “walking creativity,” and “The hardest working, most unjustly slept-on artist in the Twin Cities” ... This award-winning hip-hopper is a Twin Cities Native, Chicago transplant, MC, poet, producer, engineer and educator. 

Benjamin Domask 

Benjamin Domask is a performing artist who combines the skill and technique of juggling with the theory and philosophy of clown under the aesthetic of corporeal mime to create a unique blend of circus and theatre. He believes Juggling, Clowning, and Mime are three of the most stereotyped art forms and that the words conjure up clichéd images into our minds.