Playing Around with Theater


Earlier in the Fall of 2017, teaching artists Malia Burkhart and May Lee-Yang led a five-week workshop at the Plymouth Public Library, specialized for older adults, in "Moving Stories". The workshop explored storytelling through theater, writing, and movement improvisation!

Malia Araki Burkhart is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, and healing arts practitioner. May Lee-Yang is a writer of non-fiction, theater, poetry, as well as a producer.

More than one participant said they didn't think they could tell a story or that they had any stories to share before taking May's workshop," said Deb Garbison, a Hennepin County Librarian. Little did they know how wrong they actually were!

Participants discovered how to share their life-stories through the body's cellular memory.  They played theater games, explored improvisation in writing, speaking, and dance, and had an opportunity to gain confidence in sharing their stories with others.

May Lee-Yang.jpg

"The goal was to give older adults an opportunity to engage creatively and meet new people."

For the final session, participants had an opportunity to share their original performance with the community. 

"May did a fantastic job of meeting participants at their ability, helping folks feel comfortable, and engaging even those who were reluctant to participate.”

The two led an amazing workshop that will stick with participants for years to come. Learn more about May in her Artist Spotlight and see more of Malia's work in the December 2017 News Round Up!