5 Tips To Take You From "Survive" To "Thrive"

We asked our resident comic genius, COMPAS Teaching Artist Benjamin Domask, for a few tips that educators (and all of us!) can use when we need a little extra "oomph" to get through the week. Here are his ideas:

1. Stay Hydrated

Make sure you get enough H2O. Constant talking can dry out the voice, until you feel like you have a mouthful of salt (not recommended).

2. Be Well Rested

Trade in social media for a snore-ful dream-ia.

3. Find an outlet

Make sure you're taking time to re-charge!

4. Eat Healthfully

Frozen pizza and wine may be good on days off... but you can't skimp on nutrition when you're feeding hungry minds.

5. Make Time for Quality Time

Get together with the people that inspire you and make you feel alive!

Benjamin's parting thoughts:

When it comes down to it, for me, I take pride in teaching. If I am dead tired by the end of the day, I know I put my all into the lesson. Because we get to teach what we love, spend that little bit extra energy making sure the classroom understands your passion. If a lesson plan does not go as smoothly as you think, take it as a gift! You have the chance to grow. Recently I taught middle schoolers improv comedy. I crashed and burned because I was treating them as if they were First and Second graders (my most recent residency.) I received a first hand lesson from these students about ‘respect.’

Surviving the week is named so because if it were named ‘coasting through the week,’ we would be failing our students. Let's take a personal challenge to always be trying something new and working hard to better understand the needs of each class on a day to day basis.

Teach well and never stop learning!

-Benjamin Domask

Thanks for sharing with us, Benjamin! What are your tips for surviving the week? Let us know in the comments!