Poetry Break

What Does the Salmon Know?

As the river flows
the fish go with it.
But what do they know?
As the river flows
the weeds stay put,
not knowing where to go.
But what do they know?
As the river flows,
the salmon stand out.
They go the other way.
Be the salmon.

by Miles Hanson, Grade 6
Oak View Middle School, Andover
Teaching Artist Joyce Sidman

From The River Starts Flowing, COMPAS’ 2014-2015 Anthology of Student Writing.

This poetry break is made possible by donors to COMPAS who make it possible for students and teaching artists throughout Minnesota to inspire us with their creativity.

Want more? Join us on December 10 for a publication party to celebrate the young authors whose work is included in this year's Anthology of Student Writing!

Check out a fun video of last year's event

A Bird that Swims and Flies

Reading and Publication Celebration
Saturday, December 10, 2016, 1:00 p.m.
Landmark Center
75 Fifth Street West
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102

Writings published in COMPAS' Anthologies of Student Writing are created during school and community-based residencies throughout Minnesota as part of our Creative Classroom and Creative Community programs.

By COMPAS staff member, Joan Linck