Life Lessons from Student Writers

A photo of student from 2015-2016's anthology celebration.

A photo of student from 2015-2016's anthology celebration.

It's a big week here at COMPAS -- we're celebrating the students who were published in this year's  38th COMPAS Young Writers Anthology, This Bursting Sound Within.

This Bursting Sound Within features work from each Minnesota school to host a COMPAS teaching writer-in-residence during the 2016-2017 school year as part of the Creative Classroom program. The pieces included in this year's anthology were selected from the more than 4,000 pieces created by students working with COMPAS Teaching Artists during the school year.

This Bursting Sound Within continues the exciting series’ tradition of showcasing some of the most remarkable poetry, short stories, memoirs, plays, and songs written by talented students from schools across Minnesota.

Come join us and meet some of the students featured in this year's anthology at our annual Anthology Celebration and Reading. Get more information on the reading here.

Here is a sneak peak of one piece from This Bursting Sound Within:

Being Myself

I express my true inside.

I do what I say, not what other people may.

I am myself, no matter if I’m far away,

No matter if it’s night or day.

I’ll be myself and with that,

I could do anything.

I could soar as far as an eagle,

I could move as swiftly as a hare.

I could roar as loud as a lion,

I could be as strong as a bear.

I would shine so bright,

I would stand so tall.

I am myself.

And with that,

I’ll never fall.

Ages pass by, and I’m a beacon of right!

If I’m myself,

Then I will stay myself.

Others may say differently,

But only they don’t see the light.

Many are blinded, just looking at…


The one…

And the only.

Because I express my true inside.

Dakota Lueck, Grade 5

Hillcrest Community School, Bloomington

Teaching Artist, Frank Sentwali