How To Turn 365 Into 5,640

Did you know that Minnesota students working with COMPAS Teaching Artists in creative writing residencies write more than 5,640 poems, short stories, and spoken word pieces each year? That's more than 15 pieces a day!

Out of all of this writing, COMPAS Teaching Artists select a few pieces from each class to be considered for the COMPAS Anthology of Student Writing. Each piece is carefully evaluated, and around 100 are selected to be included in the final COMPAS Anthology of Student Writing.

Here's a sneak peak of one poem that was selected for this year's anthology, which is titled This Bursting Sound Within. This poem was written by Shea Becker, a 4th grader at Meadowbrook Elementary in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Shea worked with COMPAS Teaching Artist Marie Olofsdotter, who teaches poetry and story writing residencies. Marie says; " When I teach, I set the stage for my students to express their unique visual and literary vision." Here is Shea's literary vision:

THE JOURNEY, by Shea Becker

Bring me on a journey of peace,

where the saddest times come alive

and then slowly fade away,

where everything is calm

and the only thing you can hear

are the good memories and the best times,

where you don’t have to suffer

if you choose not to,

where anything is possible

with peace.