Tres Mundos | Music


Tres Mundos | Music


Tres Mundos explores the multicultural mix of histories, languages, dances and cultures that have shaped the music of the Americas. With their unique personal roots, the members of Tres Mundos bring the soul of these sounds to your school. A trio that exemplifies the strength in diversity, Tres Mundos amazes audiences and inspires students.

Learn more about Tres Mundos' leader Doug Little in his May 2017 Artist Spotlight interview.

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The Music of "Three Worlds"

Hear the music of Carnival, sing a Cuban rumba, dance to Latin jazz beats—students tour the world with Tres Mundos! Tres Mundos, or “Three Worlds,” features pianist/vocalist Viviana Pintado from Cuba, percussionist Eliezer Freites- Santos from Brazil, and saxophonist/flutist Douglas Little from the United States. Their collective accomplishments include Latin Grammy nominations, international tours, and multiple CDs. Their music blends salsa, samba and jazz to create a sound that is both entirely authentic and original.



Fundamentals of Latin Music, Rhythm, Melody & Dance

These interactive sessions cover the fundamentals of Latin music, teaching the rhythms, traditional melodies and beginning dance steps for salsa, samba and other styles.