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Taous Claire Khazem | Theater


I love teaching theatre to young people and guiding them towards opening up new worlds through imagination and play. My work with participants starts with theatre games that emphasize working as an ensemble, moving our bodies in new ways and using our voices creatively. Then we develop characters, text and story structure to create a new play together based on a story, theme or subject matter of your choosing.

I have worked as a theatre artist in Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, France and Cameroon. In Algeria in addition to performing and directing I also created workshops for English teachers on how to use theatre to teach language.

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Working with Taous was unforgettable! Working with a group of high school students who speak 8 different languages and are learning English can be a unique challenge. Taous worked to connect with these students and understand their diverse backgrounds and experiences. Taous is a talented artist and a great communicator with a passion for helping ALL students find their voice. Catch her if you can- she will make great experiences happen for you & your students!
— Jonell Pacyga, Formerly of International Academy Leap

In the Twin Cities, I have performed with The Jungle Theater, Interact Center, Theatre Unbound, Pangea World Theater, Frank Theatre, Savage Umbrella, Off Leash Area, and at Dreamland Arts.  I have assisted directed at The Guthrie Theater. I performed my first a one-woman show, Tizi Ouzou, in the Twin Cities, in Bemidji, Portland, Seattle and Ann Arbor. I created a second one woman show called "In Algeria They Know My Name" in 2015. In 2012 I was a Many Voices Mentee at the Playwrights Center.  In 2009 Minnpost named me “Performance of the Year” for my work in Frank Theatre’s Palace of the End. I trained at the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in Paris, France and I have a B.A in Theatre and French from Macalester College. 

Learn more about Taous in her September, 2016 Artist Spotlight.

Sample Programs: Customizable To Site’s Needs


Create Your Own Theater Production

Create your own play from start to finish! We will develop characters, text, and story structure to create a new play together based on a story, theme or subject matter of your choosing from historical figures to scientific topics.


North African & Middle Eastern Folktales

Through Middle Eastern and North African folktales students will gain a more profound understanding of Middle Eastern culture. We will explore how to step into someone else's shoes by creating characters and scenes! Students will focus on their skills of group work, sharing ideas, and build their sense of confidence speaking in front of a group. 

Throughout the session students will listen actively to a variety of tales and use their own creative interpretation to bring their retelling of those stories to life. In small groups students will create scenes that include character development through movement and words. In addition we will explore theatre vocabulary through relevant theatre games and exercises. At the end of the week we will present our scenes for an audience.

Note: Can be taught in English or French.


Pollution & Human Impact on Environment

Investigate how humans affect their environment through theater activities and in-depth class discussion.  Students take a closer look at two habitats:  lakes and trees.  We begin with an introduction to theater.  Students practice scene tableaus, character development, and moving in space.  We examine the predator/prey relationship in our lake and tree habitats.  Students create stories on how humans have positively and negatively affected these habitats, and the creatures and plant life that call the habitat home.  At the end of the residency, the original scenes are tied together, with a message for audiences to take away from the play.


Theater for English Language Learners

Using imaginative theatre games we will build vocabulary and confidence in speaking. We will create a script based on the student’s improvisations and creative ideas. Theatre is a great way of reaching young people of varying skill levels; helping them develop a comfort level in day-to-day communications.