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Sumunar | Music & Dance


Sumunar is led by Joko and Tri Sutrisno, master performers from Java. Their ensemble introduces a variety of programs; from Indonesian dance, to shadow puppets, to the impressive bronze Javanese gamelan.

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Joko Sutrisno
As a boy in Central Java, Indonesia, I heard and participated in gamelan, an ancient but vital tradition of Indonesian music. It reflects the complex rhythms of life that becomes as a second language to all who know and perform it. I was professionally trained at the National Academy of Performing Arts (ASKI) in Surakarta, Java. My family and I came to Minnesota in 1995 to develop a gamelan program. Currently, I am artistic and music director for Sumunar Indonesian Music and Dance, a non-profit organization offering performances by the Sumunar Gamelan and Dance Ensemble, community classes for adults and youth, and a strong program of school residencies for students from kindergarten through college.

Tri Sutrisno
I have danced, choreographed and taught Javanese dance from Indonesia to New Zealand to Minnesota. Always mindful of the need to maintain classical tradition, I have developed a strong foundation of performance based on its aesthetic and philosophical principles. Currently I am the dance director of Sumunar Dance Ensemble.

Sample Programs: Customizable To Site’s Needs


Gamelan Music of Java

A companion workshop is recommended for all performances.

Discover the beauty of the gamelan while being introduced to the fascinating world of traditional Indonesian music. The orchestra includes tuned bronze gongs and metallophones; a perfect way to access non-western musical traditions.

Note: Minimum of two performances. Site may request to have a single show with back to back performance price.



Indonesian Gamelan Music & Dance

The music and dance traditions of central Java will permeate your site. Choose music, dance or a combination. Learn essential techniques and structures of the gamelan orchestra while learning the roles of each member of the ensemble. Gain coordination and teamwork skills practicing dance from Indonesia. Celebrate new skills in music and dance with a culminating performance.