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Stone Arch Brass | Music


The Stone Arch Brass formed in 1993 and is one of the foremost brass groups in Minnesota. These accomplished brass players have performed with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and many other ensembles. They perform some of the most challenging brass quintet literature, from Renaissance to contemporary. Their music is a varied and sometimes surprising mix of sounds.

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Sample Programs: Customizable To Site’s Needs


Buzzing & Blowing

Music, history and brass instruments are creatively combined with selections ranging from ancient melodies to familiar favorites. The quintet demonstrates the mechanics and inner-workings of the instruments. Learn about the role of brass instruments through the evolution of music with a giant 20-foot historical timeline.


Heavy Metal: The Outer Limits of Brass Playing

This quintet displays the outer limits of brass playing, explores the extremes and demonstrates the importance of creativity in a music ensemble. The eclectic repertoire of music ranges from Albioni to Led Zeppelin.

Note: Ideal for grades 7-12



Brass Master Class

Brass students, their teachers and directors study with members of the quintet. Learn about techniques, tuning, style, ensembles, balance and repertoire.

Note: Ideal for grades 5-8, Available with some or all quintet musicians.


Build & Blow Your Own Horn

See examples of primitive brass instruments including a shofar, a didgeridoo and a Tibetan trumpet. Build a horn from plastic plumbing parts and discover how brass instruments produce sound.

Note: Ideal for grades 1-12


Professional Development

The Secrets of Brass Music for Instrumental Music Directors

The Stone Arch Brass is active in education at both high school and college levels. Music educators who work with these professionals can improve technique, style, balance and ensemble. Sessions are designed to enhance the success of your existing program.